Food Menu

Ciabatta garlic and cheese loaf 6


Soup Del Giorno  M.P.

Pasta Fagioli 6


Arugula Salad
tomatoes, shaved parmigiana cheese with EVO oil and lemon 8

Gorgonzola Salad
chopped romaine, tomatoes, olives tossed with EVO oil and gorgonzola 8

Caesar Salad
shaved Reggiano parmigiana, croutons 8

Add....  meatballs 6  grilled chicken or chicken cutlet 7
grilled shrimp or salmon 9


fresh mozzarella with sliced tomato and basil 8

Eggplant Pancakes
layered with mozzarella, ricotta and marinara sauce 8

Italian Classic Meatballs (2)
(beef, veal and pork) on crostini with marinara sauce & ricotta cheese 8

Clams or Mussels Posillipo
in marinara with crostini 12

Calamari Fritti
with pepperoncini and marinara 12

Italian Feast
platter of classic Italian and chicken meatballs, sausage, eggplant pancakes, fried peppers, and ricotta 25

Antipasto Platter
Prosciutto, coppa, salami, tomato and fresh mozzarella with roasted peppers, olives, and artichoke hearts 25

Half portion of platters above 15

Pasta and Casseroles

served with seasonal fresh vegetables

Meatballs or Sausage over Rigatoni
slow simmered in Sunday gravy and ricotta 20

Meatballs & Sausage Combo
slow simmered in Sunday gravy and ricotta, with spaghetti or rigatoni 20


with fresh tomato and basil sauce 15

Rigatoni Alla Vodka
creamy  pomodoro sauce  16

Eggplant Parmigiana
baked with mozzarella and pomodoro  17

Meatball Stuffed Eggplant Parmigiana
stuffed with meatballs and baked  20

Shrimp Scampi
over angel hair pasta with chopped tomatoes, garlic, EVO oil 25

Linguini Vongole
whole clams, garlic, pepper flakes, EVO olive oil 21

Rigatoni Broccoli Rabe
garlic, red pepper, and shaved Reggianno Parmigiana 17

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe
sautéed and served over rigatoni with shaved Reggiano Parmigiana 21

Fettuccini Alfredo
creamy parmigiana sauce  17

Mussels Sauté
with shallot white wine sauce over fettuccini 18

Seafood Fra Diavolo
clams, shrimp, calamari, 1/2 lobster tail, mussels, marinara over linguini 29

-Whole wheat or gluten free pasta available upon request 2 extra
-Add sausage or meatballs to any pasta dish 6
served with seasonal vegetables or choice of Spaghetti or Rigatoni


Chicken Milanese
served with arugula salad and cherry tomatoes 18

Chicken Parmigiana
mozzarella and marinara sauce 19

Chicken Meatballs
over Escarole and Beans 17

Chicken Scaloppini Francese
egg batter, white wine lemon butter sauce 19

Chicken Scaloppini Piccata
capers, white wine lemon butter sauce 19

Chicken Scaloppini Marsala
mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce 20


Beef Short Ribs
with broccoli rabe over rigatoni, ricotta 25

Veal Scaloppini Francese
egg batter, white wine lemon butter sauce 25

Veal Scaloppini Piccata
capers, white wine lemon butter sauce 25

Veal Scaloppini Marsala
with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce 25

Veal Chop Parmigiana
mozzarella and marinara sauce 33

Veal Chop Milanese
lightly breaded served with arugula and cherry tomato salad 33

Veal Chop Luigi
lightly breaded with eggplant, mozzarella and marinara 35

Fresh Fish

Snapper Francese
egg batter, white wine and butter sauce 28

Snapper Piccata
lemon, white wine and capers sauce 28

Salmon Marco Polo
sautéed with ginger, shallots and fresh tomato 23

Shrimp Oreganata

Over broccoli rabe

Fish of the Day
local fresh catch M.P.

Panini Sandwiches

on ciabatta bread, served with fried red and green peppers

Meatball Sliders
3 meatballs as sliders (Classic Italian or Chicken) 15

slow simmered in Sunday gravy 15

Meatball Parmigiana
stuffed with meatballs, baked with marinara and mozzarella  15


Escarole 7
Escarole and beans 7
Broccoli Rabe 7
Fried red and green peppers 7

mom’s recipe: lady fingers soaked in espresso, coffee liquor and mascarpone cheese 8

filled w ricotta and chocolate chips 8

a shell-shaped filled Italian pastry 8

lemon, strawberry, and other assorted flavors 8

Ricotta Cheesecake 8

Spumoni Bomb
Gelato (chocolate, pistachio and cherry) 8